Coupons Are My Boyfriend

Jun 24

Couponing Like #WHOA

Living Social ran a promo last week where lunch at various spots at midtown was $1. It was to promote their new Instant Deals.


Mind-blowing bitches. And the best part is that if you didn’t use the coupon by the designated time 0 THEY REFUNDED YOUR MONEY. No more expired coupons. I will now publicly declare my love for Living Social.

Anyway, I went to Just Salad and not only did I get a$1 salad but their “basic” topping list ruled (it had egg whites on it – do you know how much those are at Chop’t?) and I got some Just Salad card for $1 and with that they gave me a free salad bowl which if I bring with me next time means I get $1 off my salad.



Jun 24

So, I know this guy who made an NYC DRINKING COUPON SITE…

First deal is sold out, but more awesome drink deals coming!

Jun 24

Get Drunk Coupons!

For cocktail week bars all over New York are offering 2 cocktails and an appetizer for $20.11.

Only a week left!

Get on it. Take off work and get drunky.

May 24

Beer Snob Returns To $1 PBR Cans

This is my most recent coupon: 


Yes, college Jenny is back on the bar scene. Meet at the bar at 11? Sweet, I’m gonna go grab SIX beers for SIX dollars. That’s a SIX dollar night. What? You wanna buy me a beer when I get there? Perfect! I’m back, bitches. Or BOIS! 

May 24

Blackboard Eats Is Free Again


There’s a great site for restaurant coupons called Blackboard Eats. Only problem is they went from FREE coupons to being $1 and well, just like me, a large portion of the population is cheap as shit. So $1 is too much. 

So good news for you all – BLACK BOARD EATS IS FREE AGAIN! 


Or as they have on the ads for the Medea movie – HALLELUJER!

May 06

My coupons keep expiring (A sad tale and a warning to all)

Dear kids and fellow coupon lovers,

I tend to buy a lot of coupons.



Gilt City

Living Social


My problem is tracking said coupons. Because what I tend to forget is the stupid expiration date.

The last thing I let expire was boxing classes at Tribeca Fitness.


So, the moral of the story, DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR COUPONS. Or they will expire. And you will be sad and unable to beat people up like me.

However this coupon expiration has inspired me to get on it – so I have a wine tasting Friday and I’ll be shooting guns next weekend.


Apr 27 is my new bestie and/or boyfriend

So. There’s a SLAMMIN’ coupon right now you can use at

$25 worth of food for $2. 

Yes I repeat $2. Use the coupon code ‘BONUS’ at checkout. 

Only good through Saturday so GET ON IT. 



Apr 27

How I coupon’ed my way to free.

Ok kids.

So I get I would estimate about 15-20 “coupon” e-mails a day (I will list them all for you in another post coming soon).

And there’s one I get called Living Social. They often have great deals on things and the other day they had a $33 deal for a GEL MANICURE AND SPA PEDICURE AT MY FAVORITE NAIL PLACE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. This was the dream.

So I obviously bought the coupon and noticed if you got three of your friends to buy the coupon yours was FREE.

So, long story short, I send out one of those corny pre-worded e-mails to my friends saying how great this deal was and they fell for it – and I ended up getting my nail deal for free. SUCKERS!

That rules. Everyone should get on this. It’s almost too good to be true.

Apr 11
Mar 08


You may have noticed that this blog has multiple authors. More specifically, it has two. This is important because sometimes our stories of savings involve man friends, and these man friend savings stories are usually very different. Like for example, “A Guy Called Coupon.” That story was written by Laura about her steady man friend. And then “The Savings Just Keep Pouring In.” That story was written by me (Jenny) about a man friend I met at Papa John’s who sells drugs and occasionally texts me cartoon porn. One day these stories of man friend savings may be more similar though because I’ve been looking for my own boy named Coupon. So it’s not like I’m not trying. It’s just that I keep meeting these guys called We’re On Separate Tabs.